Tooth-Colored Fillings

Hide Your Cavities Without The World Knowing.

Tooth-Colored Fillings, also known as composite fillings, white fillings, or clear fillings, are discreet dental restorations that are used to fill in decayed areas of the teeth, as well as to repair minor chips and cracks.

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Composite resin is the dental material used to fabricate tooth-colored fillings.

This allows more of your natural tooth structure to be preserved.

Composite resin bonds directly to your tooth enamel without the need for dental adhesives.  Unlike amalgam fillings, which are made from metal and are highly noticeable, tooth-colored fillings are designed to blend in perfectly with the surrounding tooth structure so that they are invisible. This makes them ideal for use in the front of the mouth, however they are also strong enough to be used for teeth towards the back of the mouth as well. 

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My husband and I have been patients for over 10 years and recommend Dr. Zusin to friends on a regular basis. They are great with our young children as well. The office is quiet, clean, and modern, and they frequently update their equipment and practices. We are always happy with their services. They are flexible with scheduling appointments (they do Saturdays!), are fair and reasonable with their billing, and take the time to get know their patient’s needs and preferences. Highly recommend!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for a tooth-colored filling?

You may be a candidate for a tooth-colored filling if you have decayed teeth in need of dental treatment. They are also used to improve the appearance of teeth that have chips or cracks, as well as those that have gaps between them. However, tooth-colored fillings work best for small to medium areas of decay, or minor damage.

What can I expect when having a tooth-colored filling placed at Zusin Dental?

During your dental filling appointment, Dr. Boris Zusin will first anesthetize the area being treated to prevent any discomfort during treatment. If needed, he may also numb the surrounding teeth so that you remain completely comfortable throughout your procedure. Once you are fully relaxed, Dr. Boris Zusin will remove any decayed tissue from your tooth. He will then apply the composite resin in layers, hardening each layer before placing the next. The final layer will be shaped and polished so that it blends in with the surrounding tooth structure.

What can I expect after having tooth-colored filling placed?

Tooth-colored dental fillings are completed during a single dental appointment. This means that you can immediately return to your usual routine and diet after having a filling placed. In some cases, you may experience some minor tooth sensitivity for a few days until your tooth adapts to the new filling.

Most tooth-colored fillings last about 5-7 years before needing to be replaced. To care for your tooth-colored filling be sure to practice good oral hygiene and schedule regular dental exams every six months.

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