Flat On Your Face…

happy senior cuple
Broken tooth

Let’s say it is Saturday, and you are wearing high heels walking along one of the local streets with your husband. All of a sudden, quite unexpectedly, one of your heels gets attracted to one of the numerous potholes in the pavement, and you find yourself flat on your face a few feet from your heel. What do you do? You call your dentist, and hope he can see you on Sunday.

I met her the following Sunday morning in my office hysterical and in tears: two front teeth were missing half of their original perfect structure. X-rays did not show any obvious damage to the nerves, and there was no mobility. There was hope for her front teeth. She stopped crying, I felt better. The hope was riding on two porcelain crowns that I suggested to her to restore her front teeth back to life. She agreed.

She left my office that Sunday morning with two provisional crowns and no longer crying. A week later, two porcelain crowns recreated the health and beauty of her natural teeth.

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